Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vpnc and Kde3 KNetworkManager in openSUSE 11.1

I was trying to connect to a VPN network today but network manager failed to connect. A dig through Network Manager's logs revealed an error message 'property 'Disable NAT Traversal' invalid or not supported'.

I googled and found a similar bug report in Ubuntu. It seems that at some point, the option of 'Disable NAT Traversal' got removed from vpnc but knetworkmanager never got updated. As a consequence, the connection fails.

The workaround described is simple and works for me. Just edit .kde/share/config/knetworkmanagerrc manually. Remove the lines:
<string>Disable NAT Traversal</string>\n <string>none</string>\n </entry>\n <entry>\n <string>Enable Single DES</string>\n <string>no</string>\n </entry>\n <entry>\n

Restart networkmanager (sudo /sbin/rcnetwork restart) and knetworkmanager, and try to connect again. This time, the connection should be successful.

I recall a similar bug report filed in bugzilla for opensuse but I am not able to find it now. The bug, if I remember correctly, has being fixed in svn but the fix still hasn't been backported or provided in an update. Till then, this workaround should help you to connect to your vpn network.

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Miroslav said...

I hope that the vpn bug in open suse is fixed soon it's realy big problem for me